The CTW2018 will take place in the Conservatoire National d'Arts et Métiers (CNAM), a university located in central Paris (3ème arrondissement) that also hosts the omonymous science and technology museum (Musée des Arts et Métiers). The museum, famous for displaying Foucault's pendulum in the magnificent hall of the Eglise de St. Martin des Champs, was raised to worlwide public attention by Umberto Eco's celebrated novel Foucault's Pendulum.


Accommodation in Paris is expensive, and you don't get much value for what you pay. The same, in general, goes for food (fortunately, with many exceptions). This is why we kept the registration fee to a minimum (for a Paris conference):

250 EUR for delegates and 100 EUR for PhD/MSC students or postdocs (early registration closes May 2nd, 2018; after that date, fees are 300 EUR or 125 EUR respectively)


When renting a Paris hotel room, you should be aware of the following facts (a kind of worst-case analysis, you shouldn't be hit by all these warnings at once, whereas at least one may well happen). 1: French people love their language and are hard pressed to speak another, specially English; thus, be prepared to be patient on the phone, or else speak French. 2: French people sometimes have brusque ways. It's part of their language, and most of the times their brusqueness is not meant to be rude, but it sure sounds this way to the untrained ear. 3: If you were thinking of reserving by e-mail instead of phone: this works in large establishments; however, you may well fail to receive an answer from smaller ones. If you don't speak French, our advice is to use both e-mail and phone. 4: If you find a very central hotel at 50 EUR/room/night, you probably reached the Hotel de Rouen in Rue Croix de Petits Champs. It's true it's not expensive and it's central, but it barely qualifies as a hotel. No problem if you're not squeamish and love brothel-like atmospheres (to the best of our knowledge, this is not actually a brothel, though. And anyway, what would we know about brothel atmospheres?). In the central arrondissements (i.e. neighourhoods) 1 to 8 you should expect to pay 120 EUR/room/night for a decent hotel, and don't set your decency standards too high. In other arrondissements you may well find decent accommodation going from 70 EUR/room/night. In any case, reserve your room well in advance. We are not reporting lists of hotels here because there's no shortage of them in Paris, just google "paris hotel" and you'll be on your way.