• The registration occurs in two phases: first, just follow the link in the form below. If you are asking for a reduced registration cost on account of being nonpermanent, please also send an email carrying some form of certification, e.g. a studentship/PhD proof; for postdocs, point us to your institutional webpage.
  • Later on, and in any case not before April '18, you will receive an email from the banking system we are affiliated with, redirecting you to an online payment page where you will be able to pay by VISA. We will alert you about this in due time.
  • Currently, we have no other payment methods --- if VISA does not work for you, write to us: we will work something out.

For registering to CTW 2018 simply follow the linkill in the form below. The conference registration fee is either 250 EUR (early, not later than May 2nd, 2018) or 300 EUR (late, after May 2nd, 2018), unless you are a PhD/MSC student or postdoc, in which case the fee is 100 EUR within May 2nd, 2018 and 125 EUR afterwards.
Fees include coffee-breaks and the social event. We set up a list of restaurants near the workshop venue, displayed on a map.

Registration and payment will be distinct, for bureaucratic reasons. Within a couple of weeks of registration at the latest (hopefully much earlier) you should receive an email with an URL to a bank-owned website where you can pay the registration fee using a VISA card. This being the first time we use this system, there may be glitches. Accordingly, we shall be tolerant and accommodating with any payment irregularity --- just contact us if
(a) you do not receive the email containing the URL;
(b) if upon payment you do not see the payment confirmation screen (do not pay again, write to us first);
(c) if for some reason you find out you have paid twice (it might happen if you mistakenly click on the "back" or "reload" buttons of your browser while the system is processing the payment). We shall receive confirmations of payments on our end. You shall eventually be given a payment receipt (beyond the payment confirmation screen, which you should see immediately after payment: print it to a PDF and store it away safely). We were told reimbursements (for mistaken double payments) and receipts might take longer, possibly well after the conference has taken place.

Registration procedure

Registration is open


  • Payment will be possible from May 2nd. All participants have normally received an email informing them of the procedure to follow.
    - Total reimbursements will be possible (at 100% minus perhaps some administrative fee) for cancellations until June 1st
    - Partial reimbursements will be possible (at 50% minus perhaps some administrative fee) for cancellations until June 15
    - No other reimbursement will be possible after that date
    - Reimbursement may take a long time to process (we have no idea how long, and we have no way to influence this process).